The Language of Desire

Hey, it’s Shawn . . .

If you’ve ever been in bed with a man. . .

While the lights were on. . .

Or. . .

Perhaps you were going for an afternoon quickie. . .

And, he closed his eyes and seem to “go somewhere else,” you
have to watch this video right away. . .

As hard as it is to believe, it’s not because of your body. It’s
not because of that stubborn fat on your belly. It’s not because
you’re still holding fat on your legs.

Yes, you may be lead to believe that, once he laid sight on the
body your working so hard to improve. . . that he shut his eyes
in utter disgust. Then the more distant he gets in that moment,
your mind races in a wild frenzy. . . because you’re not the
alluring. . . hot-bodied. . . yoga pant-wearing. . . woman you
caught him checking out the other day.

NOPE. None of that is true.

IN FACT, it is something else entirely that made him close his

I know that may be hard to believe.

But once you know the truth. . . the rest of your life will change.

This short little video reveals the truth about what men are
thinking about when they’re in bed with a woman (when they
SHOULD be focused 100% mind, body and soul on you). . .

And teaches you EXACTLY what to say and do to get him to SNAP
back to you like a rubber band. . . look you right in the eye. . .
and feel an incredible level of connection he’s simply never
thought was possible before. . .



P.S. You’ll learn more about the erotic imagination of men in
the few minutes it takes you to watch this video than you would
in a lifetime on your own. . .

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